The Internet offers opportunities

The internet offers you the opportunity to creature a business without having to spend almost any money at all. USD 10 for a domain name and USD 5 a month for hosting is all you need. This allows you to start your first website and start earning money. Internet allow you to convert hard work into money in a way that is very hard outside the internet. In this article we are going to look a little bit closer at how you can start a business online.

Manage your expectations

webpageIt is important to manage your expectations when you start an internet business. You can not expect to become rich if you invest USD 15 to start a website. You are not going to build the next Facebook. If you try to be too ambitious you will fail. Build a smaller website that can earn a little bit of money. You can easily build a website that you can sell for 10 000 or more in a year. You can build several website like this a year. Building a website worth 10 000 can be done in a month or two if you do all the work yourself. You can do it faster if you outsource part of the work.

This gives you a create way to earn money to be able to start new and bigger projects in the future using the money you earned from the sites you built in the past.

It is possible to build larger and larger websites until you own websites worth millions.

You increase your chances of succeeding by starting small and working your way up.

What do you need to know

You do not need to know anything species to be able to build an sell websites online. If you know how to use the internet and how to write in English (or your native language) then you know enough to make a business online.

There are a lot of other skills that can be beneficial and that is worth learning as you go along but here is nothing that you need to know.

Everything else that you need to know how to do to be able to build a website is things that you can learn in less then 5 minutes by watching a YouTube video.

Hard work

Internet rewards hard work. There are a million different products available on the market that is designed to save you time and automate different processes online. All of them claim to be able to boost your websites and allow you to earn a lot of money. Below I am going to tell you witch ones to use:


None of these products are worth their money. They can give you a short term boost but the long time results are negligible or even negative. Do not be afraid to do things manually. It will take a little longer but you will build a more stable website that will earn you money for years.


There are a thousand different things you can do online as a side hustle to earn extra money. This includes everything from selling things on eBay to building websites. These side hustles can help you earn the money you need to create your dream business.