Getting things done

One of the hardest things when you start your own business is to get things done You no longer have a boss and it is very easy to procrastinate and get nothing done. In this article we are going to look at how you can get things done.

Create a nice work area

officeTry to create a nice office that is separated from the rest of your life. Everything in the office should be work related so that you can forget about the rest of your life and focus on the work that needs to be done in the business. Make sure you do not get disturbed.

Turn of your phone

Turning of the phone guarantees that you wont get disturbed and that you wont end up spending time on the phone. It can sometimes be good to turn of the phone even if you use it for business related things. Turn it back on when you have finished whatever you needed to get done.

Create a good routine

We are all creatures of habitat and prune to do what we always do. It is therefore very important to create good habits when it comes to your business. It usually take about 7 days to create a routine. You need to force yourself to be disciplined for about 7 days. After that it will start to become easier and it will take less will power to stay productive.

Prioritize your tasks.

timeMake sure to always prioritize your tasks. Start by doing the most important thing for the day. Then you move on to the second most important thing as so on. It is a lot easier to get things done if you know what you are supposed to do. Otherwise you will spend time and energy deciding what to do. The more choices you give yourself the more likely it is that you will end up choosing to watch stupid YouTube videos.

Check your email once a day

Do not check your email too often. If you do then you might end up spending all your time handling email instead of getting work done. Check your email once or twice a day at given times. Ignore it in between.

Stay motivated

Make sure that you stay motivated so that you feel that you want to work.

Use a project management software

A project management software such as ever note can help you stay organized and remember what to do. It will also make it easy to schedule tasks for a later day. Basecamp and evernote are two good examples that you can use.