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Welcome to Engineer 500. The website where you can read about the worlds most successful engineers & entrepreneurs and the companies they are building. Most of these entrepreneurs have grown their companies very quickly and become multi millionaires or even billionaires as a result of their work. They prove that it is possible to become fabulously wealthy in a relatively short time if you have the right idea and is willing to work hard. These entrepreneurs server as an inspiration for the rest of us to try to achieve a sliver of the success they have achieved.

Most of the companies discussed on this website is not publicly traded. They are privately held. Many of the companies will however enter the stock market when they feel that they are ready. This means that you unfortunately cant be a part of these companies early success. It is very hard to be able to invest in these companies before they get publicly traded. To be able to do so you usually have to be able to invest large amounts of money. You can however benefit from these entrepreneurs drive and share a part of their success once they go public. To buy shares in these stocks in the IPO can often be a good idea. The companies we talk about that is publicly traded have already rewarded the people who believed in them handsomely.

You will never get as rich as these entrepreneurs are by buying stock in their companies. To achieve that level of wealth you will have to do what they did and create your own company. Investing in their companies can however allow you to live a richer life than you would otherwise be able to.

I recommend that you use a long term strategy to invest in these companies. Once you have bought stock you should keep it for 5, 10 even 15 years. To do so will give you the best return at the lowest risk. Avoid using short term strategies or high risk instruments such as Binary options (What is a binary option) or CFD:s (what is a CFD) when you trade with these stock. To do so is too risky and there is a very real risk that you will end up losing all your money if you try to use any of them. Do not be impatient or greedy. If you buy a stock because you want to share the success of the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur that you trust and admire. Then you should use a long term strategy and trust the entrepreneur to do his job and give you a very good return on your investment.